Seize the Opportunities.

The AEC industry is always looking for more content to add to their virtual construction models. And Manufacturers are always looking for opportunities to place their products. Now you have an opportunity to satisfy everyone's needs.

What if you could consolidate your spec details and your cut sheets into a central source that populates a project before it goes out to bid? Are you looking to expand your production capabilities but need to know if your fixtures are going to be chosen for a particular project? Add to that the ability to reduce your quote times because you already know what is planned in any given project...

With KAI's services at your disposal, you can count on us to build the content you need in an accurate, usable fashion that not only will increase your product visibility but can be shared with your potential client base for use in all BIM models. And if a company uses your product in their BIM model, they will be more likely to spec it in the final bid.

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