Build Before You BuildSM

Build Before You BuildSM is a unique service offering that leverages KAI Texas' extensive Building Information Modeling (BIM) capabilities to construct a project virtually before constructing that same project in reality (though a virtual model can be built at any time during the project lifecycle).

KAI Texas provides full-time BIM capabilities with experts trained in the process of information modeling. Our architects and engineers know how a project is built and produce highly accurate models, visualizations, and construction drawings. Our BIM and Build Before You Build services align with current production capabilities by establishing a project process customizable to your needs. This allows you to continue focusing on what you do best. KAI takes pride in being an industry leader in BIM, through our use of Autodesk RevitĀ® for both architectural and MEP engineering design.

Build Before You Build

"Our designers are using BIM for a majority of our work, and our clients are benefiting from better project visualization, expedited decision-making, reduced change orders, and an overall smooth project process."