New South Dallas Middle School a Beacon of Education
Billy Dade Middle School featured in Dallas Weekly Magazine

The new KAI Texas-designed Billy Dade Middle School for DISD was featured in Dallas Weekly magazine: 

There’s some beautiful music coming out of South Dallas. We’re not talking about the sounds of a symphony orchestra or the finger-popping kind like at a good blues, rhythm and blues or jazz nightclub.

This music are the sounds of an excavator revving up its motor, then slamming its backhoe up against brick, mortar and wood of old dilapidated and deteriorating buildings, causing walls of shattered bricks and wood to crumble down to the ground. As an encore, you can also hear Bulldozers scooping up debris, then dumping it into dump trucks, for it to be taken away to the landfill or recycling plant.

Demolition and Destruction never sounded so sweet. Because that will soon be followed by the sweet sounds of hammers and nails, the sawing of wood, electric screwdrivers, laying of bricks and the pouring of fresh concrete.

Hopefully along with the destruction of old buildings will also be the destruction of old attitudes: mainstream neglect, built on top of racially-laced prejudices and misperceptions, combined with a community apathy, all that caused for the community to decline over the past four decades.

Finally, it looks like South Dallas is starting to win the battle toward positive community revitalization. Renovations are taking place in several sectors of South Dallas. Once eyesore houses and buildings are being replaced by eye-appealing structures. South Dallas may literally be rebuilding, right before our eyes.

One of the leading projects is the constructing of a brand new Billy Earl Dade Middle School, taking place off the intersection of Grand Avenue and Malcolm X Blvd. When completed, sometime in 2013, it will stand as a symbol of both positive educational and economic development in the community.

That’s exactly what Darren James, President and COO of KAI Texas and the architect of the school, wanted to accomplish...

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