Information Age: BIM in the Field
School Construction News

by Darren L. James, AIA

The design and construction industry has been aware for some time of building information modeling. Some have been reluctant to embrace BIM while others have adopted it with open arms and invested in its implementation. This has resulted in a slow migration to adoption across the entire design and construction community.

Some design firms have been slow to accept the new platform because it requires a paradigm shift in the technical production of construction documents and a different skill set for technical staff. It also requires a significant initial financial investment for firms in terms of technology and staff training.

Contractors have also been slow to embrace BIM for a variety of reasons, including a lack of quality BIM models coming from design firms and reluctance by owners to compensate general contractors or construction managers for the expenses necessary to develop BIM databases that sufficiently address a project’s specific requirements.

I have seen a trend over the last year of more owners requesting BIM deliverables in RFQs, RFPs and contracts at a greater frequency. The problem is that not all BIM models are created equally or are clearly defined at the beginning to adequately address the needs of the project and the owner or end-users.

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