New South Dallas Middle School a Beacon of Education
Billy Dade Middle School featured in Dallas Weekly Magazine

The new KAI Texas-designed Billy Dade Middle School for DISD was featured in Dallas Weekly magazine: 

There’s some beautiful music coming out of South Dallas. We’re not talking about the sounds of a symphony orchestra or the finger-popping kind like at a good blues, rhythm and blues or jazz nightclub.

Smart Building Spaces Redefine Traditional School Environments
School Construction News

DALLAS - When one thinks of a traditional 19th or 20th century school, one might picture a rectangular articulated masonry structure filled with classrooms and desks. "In today's 21st century, those of us who design and build learning institutions aspire to enhance not only learning, but also fulfill the on-the-go, multitasking, electronically connected needs of students, faculty and staff within education systems," says Darren L.

Transit System Expands its Art Direction
Engineering News Record

Dallas, Texas, known for its museums and high-profile cultural district, has added a new art venue. Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) recently opened their new Green Line, a 28-mile light rail transit route. The system’s D’Art Gallery celebrates the region’s heritage through the works of 19 station artists and two commissioned artists. Every station uses one prototype design, which served as the canvas from which each artist would work; the basic structure and canopy are consistent throughout the system. Materials used in the station art include concrete, steel, ceramic and polycarbonate.

Practice Matters: BIM Streamlines Business
AIA Dallas

by Darren L. James, AIA

Preparing for economic downturns is a matter of strategic planning. However, the effects of tough economic times can be mitigated with fiscal and management
practices that account for reduced receivables and the residual impact that has on daily business operations. The investment and adoption of a robust building information modeling (BIM) platform is one of the business decisions KAI Texas made to increase our value-added service to clients and to streamline design activities.

Understanding Complexities of BIM in Healthcare Facility Design

St. Louis, MO-based KAI Design & Build's BIM Coordinator Adam Lega recently submitted an article to Healthcare Design magazine discussing the complexities of using BIM in the design of a healthcare facility.

Read the article here:

Source: Healthcare Design magazine

The Gang's All Here
College Planning & Management Magazine

In Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead, uncompromising architect Howard Roark struggles in obscurity instead of compromising his design ideals. In the real world, all architecture and design is done by committee. The size and makeup of that committee can vary, depending on the job, yet the best projects certainly have more than a few players in common. Who should be involved in your next building project and how do you keep everybody happy while still delivering a winning design? “Architecture is all about the process,” said Darren L. James, AIA, president and COO, KAI Design and Build in Dallas, TX.