KAI Texas created an internal Housing Studio to provide specialized service for housing and residential facilities. The Housing Studio specialists understand the intricacies of HUD codes and regulations, as well as the social and economic pressures facing today's housing provider agencies.


KAI Texas has designed transit centers and transfer facilities for Dallas DART, San Antonio VIA, Atlanta MARTA, Fort Worth T, and St. Louis Metro. Our diverse transportation project portfolio positions KAI Texas as a leading authority in community-oriented transportation expansion ventures.


KAI Texas designs educational environments that encourage our children and support our educators. From K-12 to universities, we find areas for Serendipity Spaces to foster collaboration and open the door to an even greater understanding for students and instructors.


Technology is a tool that, when used intelligently, can enhance a well‐developed process. Such is the case with Building Information Modeling, or BIM. With 100% of our staff producing projects using BIM, KAI is a recognized technology leader. Our innovative processes bring clients better communication, coordination, and true collaboration.